Preventing Auto Accidents at Home and Saving Kids

Posted on February 28, 2008

President Bush today signed the Cameron Gulbransen Traffic Safety Act, named after a two year old who was run over by his father who couldn’;t see beyond the family SUV. 

The Act will make cars safer for kids injured and killed in non-traffic auto accidents, which killed 230 in 2007. Here’;s what it will do:

*Increase visibility behind cars, particularly those large SUVs, by putting a camera in the rear of the car.

*Put an auto reverse sensor on power windows so no child or pet can get their head stuck in the window.

*And force automakers to include a brake shift interlock which means an adult must have a foot on the brake pedal before a car can be shifted out of park.

Automakers will have years to put these changes into effect.

Compare the U.S. to the European Union where many cars already have these safety features.  But better late than never. Expect to see the changes in four to eight years.

Be sure and visit the Auto Accident section of our web site to see what your rights are as a consumer. Lawyers at Farah & Farah can help you through the process if you are injured. Call us.


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