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personal injury lawyer john malkowski

John Malkowski

Meet John Malkowski John Malkowski is a Tampa personal injury attorney lending his many years of cross-functional experience in law enforcement, the military, and in trial law to our pre-suit team. John has spent decades in first-party litigation, including many state and federal cases but now utilizes all of his knowledge, skills, and experience in […]

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personal injury lawyer travis russell

Travis L. Russell

Meet Travis L. Russell Travis Russell is a Fort Myers personal injury attorney at the Farah & Farah office just off College Parkway. Having spent time in the Public Defender’s Office, several years as a pre-suit manager, and even in insurance defense as a paralegal, Travis has more frontline experience in different areas of the

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personal injury lawyer zachary atenbach

Zachary M. Altenbach

Meet Zachary M. Altenbach Zach Altenbach is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville. Having spent years in the Jacksonville Public Defender’s Office, two years in estate planning, time with the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, and even working for a civil defense firm, Zach has seen far more than most. This incredible

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