Pedestrian Killed in Jacksonville Car Accident

Posted on September 3, 2015

A 58-year-old man was killed in a Jacksonville car accident when an unlicensed driver struck him as he crossed the street. According to a News 4 Jax report, the fatal pedestrian accident happened on Atlantic Boulevard. The victim died at the scene.

The 24-year-old driver had marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the truck and previously had his license suspended from a DUI arrest just last month. Officials say the pedestrian wasn’t in a crosswalk when he was crossing the street. The driver remained at the scene and was charged with driving on a suspended license and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

This tragic pedestrian accident raises a number of complicated liability questions. Under the law, Florida car drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians who are in a crosswalk or at an intersection. However, pedestrians must yield to vehicles when attempting to cross the roadway outside of a crosswalk. This DOES NOT mean that drivers are free from liability when an accident happens outside an intersection or crosswalk.

It’s common for pedestrians in these types of accidents to share fault for the crash. This means that the pedestrian was partially at fault for stepping into traffic at a dangerous time and that the driver was partially at fault for failing to avoid the collision or for contributing to the crash through an act of negligence. In such cases, the family of the victim can still pursue compensation for their tragic loss.

A wrongful death claim is often the only way a family can receive fair compensation after the death of a loved one. While no amount of money can adequately compensate a family for their loss, a wrongful death claim can help them recover financially. A successful claim can result in support for medical bills, funeral expenses, lost future wages, loss of consortium, suffering and other related damages.

If you have lost a loved one in a Jacksonville car accident, make sure you stay abreast of the ongoing investigation. Have a pedestrian accident attorney help you gather evidence and begin building your case. You are entitled to support for your tragic loss. The attorneys at Farah & Farah can help. Contact us at (904) 549-6434.

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