Parents Want Policy Change After Children Injured in School Bus Crash

Posted on March 26, 2013

Two children were recently injured after a Cape Coral school bus they were occupants in was struck by a U-haul truck. Now their parents are asking why a driver with a long rap sheet that included several drug-related charges was allowed to rent a commercial truck in the first place.

Cape Coral Police reported that a man ran a red light while driving a U-haul truck and smashed into a school bus at the intersection of SE 8th St. and Santa Barbara Blvd. Although no charges have been filed in the crash that occurred last month, police have indicated the driver of the U-haul may have been drinking before the accident. He was recently released from Lee Memorial Hospital.

A brother and sister were injured during the crash. He suffered a fractured shoulder, while she suffered a concussion from the impact. Their parents say the children are still suffering from headaches and nosebleeds — and are afraid to get on the school bus.

The family is demanding that vehicle rental companies change their policies to include mandatory background checks for prospective customers. The attorney representing the family said that perhaps a policy change might make companies “a little more careful in who they give the keys to.”

The attorney told Wink News that the family plans to file a lawsuit against the driver of the truck.

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