Parents Sue After 9-Yr-Old Allegedly Beaten on School Bus

Posted on March 29, 2008

The nine-year-old boy is both blind and autistic, so getting home on a school bus safely is especially important.  

First Student Inc. of Jacksonville, Florida was in charge of that along with two bus attendants to oversee special students.

But this child was allegedly beaten by the attendants, repeatedly pinching him which left red marks and scratches.

Now his family is suing, naming First Student Inc. and the two attendants. Their evidence- photos they took which are pretty clear.

“There has been an outrageous sequence of events,” said the family’;s attorney, Eric Block to the media.

The family is charging negligence and battery.

What is even more outrageous is that this has allegedly happened before.

In January, the little boy told his mother than an attendant pulled his hair. She complained to the bus company and they supposedly investigated and fired the attendant.

Now to have it happen again is even more outrageous.

Mysteriously enough the videotape that is supposed to record all bus activities is missing.

That was not the case when Farah & Farah successfully settled a lawsuit in 2005 on behalf of 12-year-old Simone Small who was beaten up on camera for the world to see.  

And it did.  The tape was shown on talk shows around the world including Oprah.

Farah & Farah can help your family if you are the unfortunate victim of such abuse. No child should have to suffer the emotional toil this takes, especially one who is already challenged.  Call us.


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