Onglyza Side Effects: Anxiety and Depression

Posted on June 5, 2016

What is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, amputations, and is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States? The answer is diabetes. An estimated 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes, including one in four people over the age of 65. These numbers identify a fertile marketplace for the constant stream of new diabetes medications that the pharmaceutical industry keeps providing consumers. While these new medications must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can be made available to the public, that doesn’t mean they are completely safe and without the risk of some serious side effects.

One of the newer type 2 diabetes medications that has been reported to have numerous side effects is Onglyza (saxagliptin), which was approved by the FDA in 2009. Onglyza has been linked to potentially fatal side effects such as heart failure, thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, and pancreatic cancer. Onglyza has also been linked to more common ailments like skin rashes, swelling, and difficulty breathing. Some side effects that are often overlooked, but can be equally as debilitating, are the mental and emotional side effects reported to accompany Onglyza use.

Many people being treated with Onglyza have reported experiencing anxiety, nervousness, nightmares, and depression. Such mental and emotional maladies can affect our performance at work, our personal and family relationships, and our social lives. This may prompt us to seek counseling or medication in an attempt to alleviate symptoms that are, in fact, caused by another medication.

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