Niceville Turkey Causes Truck, Auto Accidents

Posted on May 10, 2008

It almost sounds too incredible to believe.

A turkey hit the windshield of a truck in Niceville, Florida in Okaloosa County, Florida in the Panhandle. 

The driver of a beer truck didn’;t know what hit him when a turkey flew into his windshield.  32-year-old Daniel Milby of DeFuniak Springs had to be hospitalized after he lost control of the vehicle, jackknifed then overturned and crashed into a guardrail. 

And there was another vehicle crash as a result of the first one. Roger Bloomfield, 59 also of DeFuniak Springs was in another car that crashed following the truck crash. He suffered minor injuries.

The beer truck sustained about $70,000 in damages.  Defensive driving requires you think of anything that can happen, and that includes anything.  There are probably some things you just cannot be prepared for, although driving in the country it’;s a good idea to keep your eyes open for critters in the wild.  

Do you know what to do in a trucking accident? 

At Farah & Farah our experienced accident attorneys can help investigate just how long a driver has been on the road by checking his records, electronic on-board recorders and even GPS technology. 

Oftentimes drivers just push it to get to a destination, at your expense.

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