Motorcyclist Dies in Collision with Car in Sarasota

Posted on March 25, 2011

A motorcyclist who was trying to drive around a car on the left side was struck and killed in Sarasota off Bee Ridge Road on Saturday, March 19, according to The Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The article reports that the 26-year-old rider was traveling westbound on Bee Ridge, as was the 25-year-old female motorist who was approaching the Wake Avenue intersection when the Florida motorcycle collision occurred. The driver began turning her Prius onto Wake Avenue at the same time the biker was trying to pass her. When the car struck the motorcyclist, he was thrown from the bike and killed. The biker was wearing a helmet, according to the FHP.

Our condolences are extended to the friends and family of this young man for his sudden passing.

Unfortunately for bikers, the cause of this crash is not uncommon. A motorists’ most common complaint is that they cannot see a motorcycle, and when a biker rides in the vehicle’s blind spot, that may be true. Certainly approaching to pass on the left increases the chances that a biker will fall inside the blind spot at a time the driver is turning into their path. It is a deadly combination that almost always leaves the motorcyclist seriously injured or worse.

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