Motorcycle Accidents Increase Along With Price Of Gas

Posted on June 25, 2008

The emergency room at the University of Florida at Shands has seen a hike of more than 37 percent in motorcycle accidents so far this spring, says Dr. Richard Crass , an ER physician. 

That’;s at least partially due to the fact that so many can’;t afford the $70-$80 it takes to fill up a tank.   And more motorcycles hit the road in April and May generally, but Dr. Crass says he’;s never seen such an increase. 

Of course, the riders in more serious wrecks never make it to an emergency room.

While helmets save lives, Florida does not require helmets if adults on a motorcycle and moped riders have at least $10,000 of medical insurance. After that was passed in 2000, a published report noted that there was a 49 percent jump in motorcyclist deaths the next year.

Helmets are likely to decrease the severity of head injuries in a motorcycle crash.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates helmets reduce the likelihood of death in a motorcycle accident by more than one third. 

So while you save money at the gas pump, don’;t remember to save your life.

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