Mother Accused of DUI In Son’s Fatal Crash

Posted on May 15, 2008

The mother of a teenage boy killed in a car wreck has been arrested- for causing his death while drinking and driving. 

Police arrested Angela Harper.

Investigators say she had been drinking in the early morning April 18th when she drove her son and his friend’;s home. Police report around 2 a.m. she drove on the ramp from Interstate 85 to I-295 in Jacksonville heading north when she lost control of her 2001 Saturn hatchback.

She allegedly crossed two lanes of traffic and then hit a guardrail.  Harper was the only one wearing her seatbelt.

Five boys were thrown out of the car, her son among them.  13-year-old Jesse Harper was killed instantly. All of the other boys were seriously injured.

Harper’;s blood alcohol level was legally intoxicated at .11. Police have no idea why she would have had so many people in a small car, unsecured when she had been drinking. She will have some time to think about that question. 

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