More Fatalities from Elderly Tour Bus Crash in February

Posted on July 15, 2010

Two more people have now died since a deadly tour bus crash in February near Lake Placid, Florida, according to WINK News. The two, a 77-year-old man and 78-year-old woman died in March and May, bringing the death toll from that tour bus accident to five. Charges still have not been filed against the 81-year-old woman who was driving a car that hit the bus on US 27 in Highlands County. Two people died that day and another died one week later. Thirty other passengers on the bus were injured.

Our hearts go out to the accident victims in this case. All were elderly and on an educational trip called Exploritas, affiliated with South Florida Community College in Avon Park.

The bus had been traveling northbound on US 27 when 81-year-old Betty Adams collided with it in her Mercury Sable. Adams reportedly tried to make a left turn in front of the bus, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. She was not injured but the bus hit the car and then rolled off the road at least twice. Several occupants of the bus were ejected.

Traumatic injuries can result from a bus accident because of its high center of gravity, which makes it more prone to a rollover. In addition, not everyone on a charter bus may think to wear their seat belts as they would in a passenger vehicle.

The FHP investigation into the at-fault driver will include the bus driver as well as the condition of the bus, chartered by Sunburst Charters. If the bus was defective in some way or the driver was negligent, those injured may be able to file a claim against the bus company. If there was road construction or debris on the road, a claim could be made against the local government. A Florida auto accident attorney will always conduct a thorough investigation to ensure your rights are preserved.

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