Miami and Orlando Lead Florida in New Jobs

Posted on May 3, 2011

The Miami Herald reports that Miami and Orlando lead the state in the number of new jobs. Orlando has about 14 percent of workers in Florida yet leads with 46 percent of the new jobs created – the largest percentage in the state. South Florida has more workers at 30 percent but has 44 percent of the state’s new jobs.

What this article doesn’t mention is that many of these newly created jobs are minimum wage jobs in the theme parks. Still, the polling firm of Policom, ranks Orlando the 27th strongest metropolitan economy in the U.S. What kinds of jobs are being created? Beside tourism a new Medical City Park tied to the University of Central Florida’s medical school is expected to boost research, and Orlando has a strong video-game industry.

South Florida has the new Scripps Research Center in Palm Beach County and there is a medical complex developing around Jackson Memorial Hospital. Also South Florida has trade from foreign countries, particularly Latin America. South Florida also recently added 1,100 financial jobs according to the Beacon Council, the Miami-Dade economic development agency. No data is yet available for 2010 but the trends are expected to continue, with Orlando’s economy growing the fastest in the state.

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