Law Enforcement Can Reduce Distracted Driving

Posted on July 25, 2011

A pilot program in two cities using law enforcement coupled with public education has proven that cutting down on distracted driving is possible. The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the programs in Syracuse, NY, and Hartford, CT, which resulted in 9,587 and 9,658 tickets respectively. The media campaign was “Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other” similar to the “Click It or Ticket” campaign to encourage seatbelt use.

Because of the increased presence and the media campaign in Syracuse, New York, it is estimated that the use of cell phones to talk and text declined by one-third.

In Connecticut, where it was found that using a cell phone while driving is a frequent habit, there was a 57% drop in the use of cell phones to talk. Texting dropped by nearly three-quarters, reports the DOT.

Distracted Driving Laws
While 34 states have texting bans, nine states restrict any cell phone use while behind the wheel. Florida remains one of the holdouts, resistant to enacting any legislation to ban either practice.

There were nearly 5,500 fatalities in 2009 from distracted driving. The DOT reports that distracted driving contributes to at least 16% of all traffic fatalities.

If you think it can’t happen to you or a loved one, just visit the Faces of Distracted Driving website and hear the real-life stories of people who lost someone close to them at the hands of a distracted driver. The Farah & Farah Florida auto accident law firm is always available to discuss your collision, whether or not a distracted driver was involved. Call us at 1-800-533-3555 so we can start the conversation.

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