Kinoki Foot Pads Padding the Truth?

Posted on April 16, 2008

John Stossel reported for 20/20 recently on the Kinoki pads. They are supposed to be taped to the bottom of your foot where overnight they draw out toxins which turn the pads dark.

ABC News ordered some and says they are similar to ones made by Avon that calls them “detoxifying patches”.    Among those who tried them, a chiropractor, an actress, a boxing trainer.  He said he felt no effect nor did an administrative assistant.

A specialist in environmental medicine says that some people may be feeling the placebo effect, causing people to think they felt better.   The majority of the pads did not test for medals but a trace of lead was found on five pads.

Unfortunately it was Stossel delivering this report. ABC would probably rather we forget his 2000 report on organic produce. He had a clear bias against organics as people who’;ve seen his interview outtakes will testify. He reported the conventional produce did not have any pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc. Problem was the test was never conducted.   He falsified his report.

Mainstream news was all over this. Stossel had to apologize on the air. But here he is telling us about another allegedly defective product. Who should we believe?

ABC- get a real reporter, not an apologist for Corporate America, as Stossel so often is.  He should have been shown the door a long time ago.

What are we left with?  Some foot pads that may or may not work.  Traditional Japanese rub bamboo on their feet before they retire.  Medicinal mud has just been shown to have anti-biotic properties.  Unfortunately with questionable reporters delivering the news we get a questionable conclusion.

But the makers of Kinoki Foot Pads could not verify their claims and like the recent Airborne lawsuit, you have to be able to verify the truthfulness of the claim at the time you make it.   That’;s why Airborne settled.  Maybe Kinoki will too.

Call our offices if you have had some experience with this product. We’;d like to know either way.

Read about Stossel apologizing on the air.

At least we know the airwaves are tainted.

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