JUUL, the Not-So-Safe Alternative to Tobacco

JUUL Device

Posted on December 9, 2019

Taking a look at JUUL’s website and their different social media advertising campaigns, one sees nothing but happy people enjoying everyday activities with their trusty JUUL device in-hand. Despite recent news stories of horrific vaping-related illnesses, JUUL’s advertising does a fantastic job of showcasing their brand as a safer alternative than cigarettes. In fact, on their website they advertise the product as “The Smoking Alternative”. However, the recent cases of vaping-related injuries that continue to pour in show this product to be just as harmful, if not more so, as prolonged use is presenting a litany of other health issues. Here we’ll look at how JUUL is still pulling off convincing so many that their products are a safer, or even healthier, alternative to smoking tobacco.

No Such Thing as a Safer Cigarette

“There is no such thing as a safer cigarette,” says Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer at the American Cancer Society, as quoted by CNN Health. As of the end of October 2019, the CDC has confirmed 1,888 lung injury cases associated with the use of an e-cigarette/vaping. At the time of the count, 37 people had lost their lives due to vaping. This is quite a feat for a product that’s been on the market for less than a decade. 


Traditional cigarette smoking is in fact tied to a greater risk of developing lung cancer, but the increased risk is almost predominantly attributed to heavy users (25+ cigarettes per day) and over a lifetime. Even with that volume, a heavy smoker can expect about an 18% increased risk of developing lung cancer over their lives. The thousands of illnesses and three dozen deaths linked to vaping all have to have occurred in the few years since the very first vaping product hit the market in 2010.

The Discrete Buzz

JUUL’s proprietary delivery system was new in the vaping sphere. For one, the device itself is sleek, resembling a USB, and very un-cigarette like. The size of the device allows for easy transport and the rapid “punch” of nicotine (thanks to new ingredients like benzoic acid) greatly appealed to young users in particular. Rather than having to go find a discreet place for a kid in school to go light up a cigarette, they could quickly get a jolt of nicotine in the bathroom, on the school bus, or even in the library. 


The same could be said of workers in an office setting. With a JUUL at your desk, there’s no need to traipse out of the building, light up, get your clothes and breath smelly, and return to the annoyance of your workmates for your numerous cigarette breaks. Now you can merrily puff away while working, which, in fact, JUUL’s website prominently depicts on their homepage. E-cigarettes have created an incredibly easy means with which to get the same nicotine buzz as a cigarette in a deliberately discreet manner. This access helps users avoid any of the stigmas associated with cigarette smoking and over simply creates more opportunities to vape over lighting up for most users, which in turn means more chemicals flooding your body.

What to Do When You or Someone You Love is Hurt By JUUL Vaping 

Whether you’ve experienced nicotine addiction, thought JUUL’s were safer than cigarettes or were affected by JUUL’s products before you were 18 years old, you probably already have grounds for a suit against JUUL. Our team is ready to discuss your situation with JUUL vaping products and can help chart the best path towards the maximum compensation available to you. Contact us however is most convenient to you – call, chat, email, or in-person – our experienced team can get the process started any time, day or night, 365 days a year.

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