Joyride Day Care Receives Intent To Close Notice

Posted on May 19, 2008

It was probably a lot of fun for toddlers to go to Chuck E. Cheese in an overcrowded van, sitting on each other or standing. 

But the ride has ended in a Northside Jacksonville day care center, Kids Creations and More receiving a notice of intent to have its license revoked.

The problem is a van meant for 15 had about 38 kids onboard.

That is a totally inappropriate excuse for child care, let alone the fact that the 15-passenger van is an extremely unstable and unsafe vehicle.

A watchful worker at the Chuck E. Cheese called an end to the party and blew the whistle on the outing, calling the Department of Children and Families (DCF) as the kids got ready to head back to the center.   

This is not the first problem for Kids Creations. Reportedly a DCF inspector found 22 violations found at the center earlier this month that included a broken crib, roaches and unsafe outdoor grounds.

And the only licensed van driver had a learner’;s permit. The other driver had a criminal record of assault with a deadly weapon.

DCF should make safety a priority.   The day care center has 21 days to appeal the decision. 

Farah & Farah believes that adults who have children in their custody have a responsibility to first and foremost take care of the smallest members of our community. Whether it’;s a school bus or a friend driving your child, there must never be a compromise on safety and that means seat belts and a seat for each child.  #

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