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February 9, 2012

J&J Baby Lotion Recall Due to High Bacteria Levels

Drug maker Johnson & Johnson (J & J) announced on January 27 that it was recalling about 2,200 tubes of a baby lotion after excessive amounts of bacteria were discovered in one sample by U.S. regulators. The lotion in question is Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion and it was taken off the shelves in eight southern states and Kansas voluntarily in “an abundance of caution,” adding that it was very unlikely the product would harm any children.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the tube tested had an excess amount of bacteria. A test conducted later did not duplicate that finding.

The product with a lot number of 0161LK was made in Canada and contained a bacteria identified as coagulase-negative Staphylococci. This type of bacteria is found in the environment and on the scalp naturally, as well as in cosmetics and household products, but it can cause urinary tract and central nervous system infections. Some strains are reported to be resistant to antibiotics. J & J issued a statement that consumers could still use the lotion or could call the company at (877) 298-2525 to receive a refund for this product recall.

Defective Product Recall

Fortunately, no one was injured from this defective product. If you or a loved one is hurt by any consumer product that is defective, a product liability action will allow you to seek compensation for your injuries. Regardless of whether it is a defective automobile, a toy, or a medical device, a product can be found defective in its manufacture, its design, or in a failure to warn with adequate product instructions. The Florida product liability attorneys at Farah & Farah can help you determine if the product was defective and the manufacturer was negligent. Call us at (866) 794-7530 for a consultation on your case.

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46180860/ns/health-childrens_health/t/baby-lotion-recalled-over-excessive-bacteria-levels/

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