Johnson & Johnson Will Stop Sales Of Vaginal Mesh Implants

Posted on June 6, 2012

Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon unit has told a federal judge that it intends to stop selling four vaginal mesh implants. This announcement comes in the wake of lawsuits filed by over 600 women who claim the products were defective and caused internal injuries.

In a letter filed with the U.S District Judge who is overseeing mesh implant litigation in West Virginia, Johnson & Johnson said that it is also seeking U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to stop “commercializing” the devices. A spokesman for Ethicon said in an email to Bloomberg News that it intends to stop sales worldwide.

The devices that Johnson & Johnson is seeking to halt sales on are the Prolift, Prolift+M, TVT Secur, and Prosima systems. Ethicon says that it wants to continue to sell a fifth product, the Gynecare Gynmesh; albeit only for abdominal implantations.

A spokesman for Ethicon stated that it is not planning to recall devices already on the market or implanted in patients. He said its decision to stop selling the implants was based more on regulatory complexities and declining markets than on safety issues.

“We continue to have confidence in the safety and efficacy of these products,” the spokesman said.

The FDA reported a fivefold jump in injuries, deaths, and malfunctions linked to mesh implants last year. Hundreds of women have filed suits against Johnson & Johnson and other vaginal mesh manufacturers, claiming that the devices have eroded and shrunk over time and have caused pain and long-term injury.

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