Jacksonville’s “Good” Roads Keep Motorists Safe

Posted on March 13, 2008

Jacksonville’;s road are ranked overall as “good” according to a Washington D.C. based nonprofit group that focuses on transportation.

The organization, TRIP, finds that 9 percent of our roads are mediocre and 4 percent are poor.

Jacksonville’;s 74 percent “good” rating was bested by Atlanta at 89 percent.  

TRIP looked at 23 metropolitan areas and their roads, freeways and interstates and finds the average motorist is shelling out an additional $412 a year just in extra operating and fuel costs because of the uneven and potholes in roads. 

The cost of poor roads is felt even more in cities such as Los Angeles where the average motorist is paying more than $700 in extra costs to operate their car in poor conditions.

Other urban areas with poor roads are San Francisco-Oakland, Honolulu, San Jose, San Diego, New Orleans, New York City, Sacramento, Baltimore, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Funding for our decaying infrastructure would  require a 56 percent increase in annual funding, according to TRIP. 

Improving roadways would call for a 126 percent increase in funding each year.

Ultimately improved roadways keep us all safer and ensure we get to our destination. Accidents from poorly maintained roads and potholes are a fact of life and can affect anyone beyond what you can imagine.

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