Jacksonville, FL Ranked the Fifth Worst in the U.S. for Speed Traps

Posted on March 7, 2011

This is a dubious distinction. According to the National Motoring Association, Jacksonville ranks as the fifth worst city for speed traps based on statistics gathered by the grassroots citizen organization. Jacksonville has 175 sites where drivers can be ticketed for driving as little as 5 mph over the speed limit, says the group that ranks Jacksonville behind Houston (373 speed traps), Austin (189 speed traps), Las Vegas (187 speed traps), and Colorado Springs (186 speed traps).

Orlando is the only other Florida city to rank at 165 speed traps.

How is a speed trap calculated? A speed trap is where police set up equipment and wait for motorists but the Florida Highway Patrol’s Lt. Bill Leeper asks in this article in The Florida Times-Union whether just watching motorists constitutes a speed trap or does a citation have to be issued? Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford did not comment for this article even though the organization says police are pulling over multiple drivers at a time and issuing tickets. Founded in 1982, the National Motorist Association was founded to combat the 55-mph national speed limit but has since expanded to tackle other issues like roadblocks, tolls, and red-light cameras.

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