Italy Cruise Ship Accident Raises Safety Concerns as Five More Bodies are Discovered

Posted on January 17, 2012

The Carnival cruise liner, Costa Concordia, capsized late last week in Italy alongside Giglio Island. According to a New York Times article, five more bodies were discovered today, January 17, bringing the reported number of known dead to 11, leaving as many as 24 individuals still unaccounted for. Italian officials have stated that two Americans are in the group of missing people.

There is no doubting the severity of cruise ship passenger disappearances. With so many questions still unanswered at this point regarding the Italy cruise liner accident, an investigation will examine the events before and after the accident further. However, it has been reported that the cruise ship’s captain failed to follow regulation by straying from an established, computerized course. His apparent reasoning for doing so was to have the people of Giglio Island admire the $450 million liner carrying 4,200 people consisting of passengers and crew members. The crash occurred on rocks and within swimming range of the island. The captain has been detained and a judge is expected to determine whether he should be formally arrested and charged with criminal offenses for his actions and abandoning the ship while others were still aboard.

Aside from safety concerns as to oversight in the cruise industry, another liability issue is the potential of the ship starting to spill some of the 500,000 gallons of fuel onboard into waters containing a maritime wildlife sanctuary for whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

The Chicago Tribune reports that because of the crash, the owner of the cruise ship, Carnival, expects to experience a hit of approximately $90 million due to the boat now being unavailable for use for the remainder of the year. As its main booking period continues, the entire cruise ship industry will have to prove itself to customers by stepping up its safety standards and restoring confidence after such a devastating accident.

As this tragic incident demonstrates, companies in charge of cruise ship maintenance, operation, and employment have many responsibilities to customers and crew members. As Florida cruise ship accident attorneys, we have seen first-hand how traumatic the aftermath of such accidents is for passengers and crew members with regard to physical injury, emotional suffering, and financial burdens. Such accidents are all the more devastating for families of loved ones killed. If you have any questions about a cruise ship accident that has affected your life, contact our lawyers today for a free consultation.


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