Hydroxycut Recall Attorneys Launch New Resource Site

Posted on May 14, 2009

Because of the May 1 recall of the popular diet supplement Hydroxycut, Farah & Farah, P.A., created Hydroxycut-RecallAttorneys.com as an internet resource for those injured by Hydroxycut side effects.
Discover the latest news about Iovate products affected by the recall and stay informed with updates about the potential and documented side effects of Hydroxycut.

According to the FDA, over 20 cases of liver damage have been reported among users of the diet supplement. These reports of liver damage lead the FDA to call for a recall of the product and an urgent plea for consumers to stop taking Hydroxycut products.

If you or someone you love has taken products containing Hydroxycut, you should consult this site often for important information about liver damage. Unfortunately, the FDA believes that liver damage is not the only hazardous side effect associated with taking this diet supplement. Rhabdomyolysis, cardiovascular problems, seizures and other serious side effects are believed to be the result of using Hydroxycut.

As more studies are completed on the means by which Hydroxycut damages the liver, you will be able to rely on this website for the latest test results.

This Hydroxycut information site will also contain the latest news about lawsuits and settlements that relate to damages inflicted by the diet supplement. Stay informed about Hydroxycut and the hazards associated with its use. Your health and your right to fair compensation depend on knowing the facts about the Hydroxycut recall.

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