Hospital Safety a Mixed Bag in Florida, According to New Report

Posted on June 13, 2012

How safe should you feel when you check-in to a Florida hospital?

It depends on where you stay, according to a newly released report that graded hospitals nationwide.

The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit that advocates for safer healthcare, says it issued its first-ever report card for America’s hospitals to make it easier for consumers to evaluate the safety of their own local venues. Health analysts based the hospital grades on 26 variables, including medication mix-ups; rates of infections; and preventative measures hospitals have in place to prevent problems.

A panel of health safety experts then crunched the numbers and gave 2,600 hospitals across the nation safety grades — issued as A,B,C,D, or F.

Overall, Florida had 65 hospitals that rated an A; 52 that rated a B; and 60 that received a C grade. None that were graded received a D or an F.

While some area hospitals received more A’s than C’s (Miami hospitals received 6 A’s and 2 C’s), some cities didn’t fair nearly as well. All four Gainesville hospitals were given C’s. In Jacksonville, four hospitals were given C’s, while only one hospital, the Mayo Clinic, was given the top grade.

Leah Binder, the CEO of Leapfrog pointed out that 400 people die from preventable hospital errors each day.

“Unfortunately, medical errors and infections are all too common in too many hospitals. This score gives consumers a chance to pick a hospital that might be less likely to harm them,” she said.

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