Hit-and-Run Driver Still at Large as Family Tries to Recover from Attack on the Road

Posted on September 21, 2011

Georgia State Patrol troopers are looking for information and leads concerning a hit-and-run attack on Interstate 95 on July 10th that resulted in one fatality and devastating injuries. The Florida Times Union interviewed a 43-year-old woman from Gastonia, North Carolina who was driving her 60-year-old mother and 9-year-old nephew home from a family vacation in Daytona Beach. While in Camden County, just 19 miles north of the Florida-Georgia border, a white car pulled up from behind and began slamming into the back of their Ford Escape until they overturned and crashed on I-95.

From the picture in the paper it is amazing anyone survived. All three were ejected from the SUV when it overturned and the grandmother, a mother of six who sat in the front seat, died at the scene. The nephew had cuts and scrapes. The driver had internal injuring included a fractured vertebrae and ribs, a hyper-extended knee, and a broken collar bone and wrist. She spent 29 days in the hospital first in Savannah then in Charlotte. The driver only remembers seeing a white vehicle in her rear view mirror after the first hit, then three other intentional hits followed.

Hit-and-Run Reward
Because of the limited information the investigation remains active but has yielded few results. To make matters worse, the driver’s husband suffered a stroke in late July returning from his wife’s hospital bedside. He can no longer work and the family has no medical insurance. The driver is urging anyone who saw the car that rammed her vehicle to come forward or if they saw the vehicle immediately afterward they need to contact troopers. The number for the Georgia State Patrol is (912) 262-2380.

Doing the Right Thing Can Yield $1,000: Hit-and-Run Reward
Farah & Farah feels so strongly about catching these people that it has joined the national group, Hit-and-Run Reward. If you report a hit-and-run driver who thought he got away with something and he is later convicted based on your information, you can receive a $1,000 reward. Call 1-800-644-8678 and you can remain anonymous. Thank you for stepping up and doing the right thing.

Source: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2011-09-17/story/family-struggles-recover-road-rage-attack-camden-county

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