Gov. Crist Asks BP for Claims Data

Posted on July 20, 2010

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has sent a letter to BP’s COO asking for copies of all Florida claims data related to the oil spill disaster in the Gulf, an article on stated. The state wants to evaluate the process for claims in order to be able to measure the economic impact of individual losses to the state as a whole.

The state’s Oil Spill Task Force decided that was the only way it could gauge the economic impact on the state. The electronic file requested would include every business, individual, and government claim throughout the state and it is to be updated weekly. The data should indicate whether the claim has been approved, denied, or is pending.

This promises to be an accounting nightmare.

As businesses in the state suffer during the high months of the tourist summer season, the losses need to be compared to the money BP is sending to help those ailing businesses. For individuals, the losses need to be balanced with the claims paid by BP. Besides tourism, fishermen, shrimpers and oyster men, guide boat owners, and the businesses that serve them, are all impacted.

As a result of the impact on our state’s businesses, Florida will lose revenue from drops in tax payments and fees.

Gov. Crist wants all Floridians and businesses to be compensated. In his letter to BP’s Operating Officer, Doug Suttles, Crist says he has spoken with Floridians around the state and many are concerned they have not yet received the money they requested.

“As you know, I am still deeply concerned about the process our citizens and businesses must face in order to receive relief for their losses.” Florida economic loss attorneys are also concerned about the financial loss to the state.

The governor is asking Suttles to work with the Florida Office of Policy and Budget and the Florida Department of Revenue to provide the data. Meanwhile BP stock hit a 14-year-low on Friday, June 25, as it worries about the soaring cost of cleanup.

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