Florida Woman Files Mirena IUD Injury Lawsuit

Posted on December 10, 2012

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that a Mirena IUD birth control device implanted in her failed to remain in place and she suffered physical, as well as emotional, harm as a result.

The lawsuit contends that the woman started experiencing pelvic pain and later found during a routine check that the IUD had “migrated” and could not be found, even after an ultrasound was taken. She had to undergo laparoscopic surgery to have the defective medical device removed in 2010. The lawsuit claims that the manufacturer, Bayer, offered no warning that the IUD could migrate once implanted.

The Orlando defective medical device lawyers at Farah & Farah, as well as other attorneys across the nation, have been alerted to problems with the Mirena IUD’s for years now. Already, there have been thousands of lawsuits filed concerning Mirena and its side effects.

The lawsuit that was filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division alleges that Bayer warned the Mirena IUD would only migrate if the uterus had been perforated during implantation. According to the lawsuit, the implantation had been successful, so there was no reason for the woman or her physician to suspect that the device would migrate some two years later.

The Florida woman is suing for lost wages and pain and suffering. She is also seeking damages for the permanent physical injuries she sustained due to the migration of the Mirena IUD device.

If you’ve been injured or suffered complications from a Mirena IUD, contact the attorneys at Farah & Farah in Florida at (800) 533-3555. We’ll tell you if you have a case and will discuss your legal options.

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