Florida Senate Delays Vote on Parental Waivers

Posted on March 26, 2009

Parental waivers have been standard fare for quite some time and are favored heavily by Florida’s tourism industry – a big industry in Florida that ranges from swimming with the dolphins, horseback riding, or renting a boat.

However, according to a report, a recent state Supreme Court ruling determined that parents do not have the right to release a business from accountability when their children participate in sports, making the waivers basically invalid.

The Florida legislature, with the help of Big Tourism, Disney and SeaWorld, is trying to remedy that.

A controversial bill is making its way through the legislature. It ensures parents that they can sign pre-injury waivers on behalf of their children so they can participate in sports.

Most trial lawyers oppose the bill and for good reason. What if a business is negligent? Don’t you want to be able to hold them accountable if a company has an unseaworthy boat, or has a harness that breaks? Do you want to sign away all of your rights to make them accountable? What happens when accidents occur due to premises liability in Florida?

The proposal is already having an effect.

Imagine – Gatorland has had to raise the age for participating in the “Trainer for a Day” program from 12 to 18. You now have to be 18 to put yourself in harm’s way with a gator.

This highlights just how absurd it is to do away with any incentives that force a business to take the utmost care to make sure that your child is safe in their hands.

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