Florida Justices Uphold 2014 Ruling Regarding Traffic Stops For Obscured License Plates

Posted on May 16, 2016

Recently, the Florida Supreme Court dashed the hopes of an Orlando man by upholding, five to two, a 2014 ruling by the Fifth District Court of Appeal that license plates must be “plainly visible at all times.” The Orlando man whose case started this legal process was pulled over because he was driving a vehicle whose license plate light and wire were hanging over the license plate, supposedly obscuring the license plate numbers. The Orlando Police pulled the vehicle over and evidence found during the stop led to the man’s being charged with possession of cocaine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. The man’s attorney filed the appeal in hopes of suppressing evidence by questioning the legality of the stop that led to his arrest. The attorney argued that the 2014 ruling conflicted with an earlier decision by another appeals court that found that police could not stop a vehicle because a trailer hitch blocked the view of a license plate. The Orlando man and his attorney lost the appeal.

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