How Long After a Car Accident Can You File an Injury Claim in Florida?

Posted on July 15, 2019

When you get into a car accident in Florida, one of the most important questions you likely have is – how quickly can I get compensation for my injury expenses?

This is a complicated question, and many factors go into how long it takes to receive a settlement. There are also time frames for reporting an injury, which is why it is always in your best interest to act quickly in the aftermath of a crash and speak to a qualified and local Jacksonville car accident attorney.

What Do I Need to do After a Crash Happens?

You need to ensure that the police are called to any car accident you are in. If you are injured, ensure that you seek medical attention as soon as possible:

  • For serious injuries, take an ambulance to the hospital to get checked out.
  • If your injuries are not severe, you still need to get checked out by a doctor. Never assume you have no injuries if you do not feel any pain. The full extent of some injuries is sometimes not known until hours or days after a crash.

By seeking medical attention for your injuries, you are establishing evidence that you were injured in the crash. This will help ease your claim through the insurance process.

After the accident scene is cleared and you have been checked out by a doctor, you can make a claim to your insurance company. Making the claim as quickly as possible is in your best interests.

Do I Need an Attorney to Help With My Case?

Securing an attorney after an accident with injuries can help your case. If the gross negligence of another driver was responsible for the crash, an attorney will be your advocate, working to seek the compensation you need for all of your injury-related expenses. For some injury cases, it may be better to have an attorney speak to the insurance companies and other parties involved on your behalf.

What are the Most Common Injuries in Car Accidents?

Vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Florida. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), there were more than 400,000 total crashes reported during the latest year of available data. Most of these crashes only resulted in property damage or minor injuries. However, we know that during that year there were:

  • 3,116 total fatalities
  • 254,310 total injuries
  • 20,380 incapacitating injuries

Some of the injuries that can result from these accidents include:

Each of these injuries requires immediate medical attention, and they can lead to major expenses for victims and their families.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect to Receive for my Claim?

Florida is a no-fault state, meaning that you will file a claim for your personal injuries through your own insurance company using your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This coverage is meant to cover 80% of your medical costs and 60% of your lost income up to $10,000. You must follow any time limits or deadlines for reporting in place through laws or insurance regulations. You can also seek damages through the at-fault insurance party if they have bodily-injury coverage on their policy. If you are unsure of these time limits or coverages, please speak to a knowledgeable and experienced attorney as quickly as possible after your crash.



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