Flordia Drywall Lawsuits Also Occurring Across the Country

Posted on March 6, 2009

California is the latest state to notice wallboards that are emitting a noxious sulfur or rotten egg smell from this defective product. It’s a problem that originated in Florida, where high humidity is causing people to move out, their electronics and appliances to corrode, and people coughing and concerned about their health.

There may be 65,000 homes nationwide that were built with substandard wallboard during the building boom. A German manufacturer, Knauf, apparently used contractors in China to create the wallboard. No one has established that the smell is hazardous to your health, but it sure is consistently corroding wiring across the country.

A number of lawsuits are underway in Florida, the most recent filed in Miami claiming that a rotten egg small is corroding wiring in homes and electronics. A Florida product liability class-action has been filed on behalf of residents here. Plaintiffs want to repair the homes or replace them, and to receive relocation costs, as well as to be reimbursed their personal property and for medical monitoring.

Medical monitoring is the only way to know whether we have more than a massive inconvenience here.

The wallboard in question reportedly reacts in high humidity and isn’t that what Florida is known for?  The builders in question Lennar Corp, a major builder in Florida appears to be cooperating to the best of its ability, but it’s a terrible problem for all around. If you have any questions regarding this faulty drywall or any other defective or failing products, please contact the experienced Florida personal injury attorneys at Farah & Farah.

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