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July 1, 2009

FDA Warns Against Using Hydroxycut®

The national Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is telling consumers to put a full line of Hydroxycut products back on the shelf in a recent addition to their online consumer safety resource site.

The FDA has established a link between these products and a range of liver conditions, including several fatalities, according to an internal Web page urging consumers to stop using Hydroxycut products. The list includes caplets and tablets for fat burning, carb control and other dietary uses. The FDA qualifies their warning with the disclaimer that there is not yet any specific links and that some of the associated conditions are relatively rare. However, the recall stands as a needed safety measure for stopping the sale of these products while officials conduct further assessments.

The FDA says other conditions have also been associated with some of these Hydroxycut® products, including cardiovascular problems.

A full range of information about the Hydroxycut® recall is available at the FDA Web site, including a consumer hotline for informing officials about incidents of side effects, as well as a general primer on dietary supplements currently on the market.

It’s important that consumers heed the advice of the FDA in returning Hydroxycut® products to the stores until more research can be done on specific health threats posed by these products. While a lot of additional cases can be prevented by good communications, drug liability advocates will be looking at the liability from the company issuing the products to take on the cases from a consumer standpoint.

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