Drivers Who Hassle Bicyclists, Pedestrians, or Joggers in Cocoa Beach May Soon Pay the Price

Posted on September 19, 2012

Riding a bike, especially in Florida, can be a hazardous activity. An article in reported that the Cocoa Beach City Commission was considering an ordinance designed to curb abuse and harassment of bicyclists, pedestrians, and joggers.

Skip Beeler, the mayor of Cocoa Beach and an avid cyclist, proposed the ordinance as a means to prevent Cocoa Beach bicycle accidents. He claims he has been threatened numerous times by people “yelling or beeping their horn right in [my] ear.” He says this is not only distracting, but can be dangerous when it startles an unsuspecting cyclist.

“Bicyclists have the right to be on the road,” he said. “There’s a lot of bad behavior among a small group of motorists.”

Beeler’s initial proposal only included bicyclists, but the Cocoa Beach City Commission expanded the proposal to include pedestrians and joggers. Under the proposed ordinance, any attempt to assault, intentionally injure, intentionally distract, or intentionally force a bicyclist, jogger, or pedestrian off a street or pathway would be prohibited. Merely threatening any of these actions would lead to a citation if a Cocoa Beach Police officer witnesses it.

And the ordinance would have some bite. The proposed fine for a first offense would be $100. A second offense would carry a $200 fine.

Florida is perennially at or near the top of the national charts when it comes to bicyclists injured or killed in traffic accidents. Jacksonville personal injury attorney  Eddie Farah thinks that everybody should learn to share the road to keep Florida’s roads and highways safe for all. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident caused by an aggressive or negligent driver, you could be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages. Call Farah & Farah at (800) 533-3555 to discuss your legal options today.


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