Disney, Electric Authority Say No Guns At Work

Posted on July 17, 2008

Despite a new Florida law that allows employees to bring guns to work, JEA says not here.

The Manager for Security for the utility company, sent a memo last month to employees about the “Preservation and Protection of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Motor Vehicles Act of 2008.” 

That is a long-winded way of making reference to a law recently passed by the Florida legislature and sign by Governor Charlie Crist.

It allows employees, who have a valid concealed weapons permit, to bring their gun to work and keep it in their car.

JEA says there are exemptions and they fall into one. JEA employees and contractors doing business with JEA will not be allowed to bring guns to work. 

Exemptions include any bank, church, government office or court, or any place that manufacturers or stores explosives.

JEA is not being explicit as to what exemption they fall under.  Many answering this story say they will bring guns anyway and not tell.

At Walt Disney World in Orlando, employees will not be allowed to keep guns in their cars at company parking lots.

The entertainment giant will make the Orlando parking lots gun-free zones, despite the new state law which took effect Tuesday.

Disney is not making any friends with backers of the law. “You’;ve got to be kidding me,” according to state Sen. Durell Peaden, one of the authors of the bill and a Republican from the Florida Panhandle tells the Orlando Sentinel.

But Disney has a long standing policy against guns on the 30,000 acre property which employs 60,000.

Last spring, opposition from Disney and the Florida Chamber of Commerce was trumped by the powerful National Rifle Association. 

The Orlando Sentinel obtained a memo from the Vice President of Public Affairs for Disney World saying that Disney “continues to maintain a zero tolerance policy” for guns.  Bringing one to work could be grounds for termination.

Many readers to this Disney web site also agree with the decision, including comments from gun owners.

The law allows an exemption for a defense contractor, or explosives manufacturer. And a last minute revision to the bill included an exemption for any property leased or owned by an employer who has a permit for explosives. 

Disney has a permit to use fireworks in its theme parks.  

Disney says under that definition all of the theme parks, resorts, cast member parking lots, administrative offices, sports complex, hotels, Celebration and Disney Reservation centers in Orlando and Tampa are exempt. 

Not exempt are Disney Cruise Line’;s crew parking lots and some other Disney properties in Florida.

And Universal is joining Disney in claiming an exemption.

Not so at Sea World. The company believes in the rights of employees or visitors to transport legal firearms in their car, according to a spokeswoman. #

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