Daytona Beach Reviews Laws Regarding Beach Driving

Posted on November 10, 2010

Volusia County will review the decades long policy of allowing motorists to drive on Daytona Beach after some near misses and a growing number of fatalities in recent years, reports The Daytona Beach News-Journal. Over the past six years, 46 people have been hit by cars, trucks, ATVs and golf carts on Volusia County Beaches.

Most recently, the death of a two 4-year-olds in separate incidents sparked the intense debate about whether the county should end the policy and the debate will continue Thursday November 11 when the Volusia County Council decides whether or not to hire a consultant to review pedestrian beach safety.

Most of the incidents occur in March and July when Daytona Beach is the busiest and often the motorist say they cannot see the person on the beach. Up to one-third of the tourist collisions happened when the vehicle was backing up. The problems has been growing over the years so much so that in 1985, Florida lawmakers decided to ban beach driving; however, Volusia County took advantage of a loophole in 1989 which allowed beach driving to continue. Ultimately, the decision to ban the practice will be up to the County Council, which can also come up with a plan to limit beach driving to certain hours and day to protect the safety of beach-goers.

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