Day Care Center May Close for Failure to Protect

Posted on May 16, 2008

Rarely do we find out what goes on behind the doors of a day care center. But in this case the director of a Jacksonville child care center is fighting state plans to shut down the center. 

Kid’;s Creations and More took the little kids on a field trip to Chuck E.  Cheese. Because they only have one van, they packed nearly 40 kids into a van that seats only 15.

Kids were sitting on top of each other and on the floor, an incredibly unsafe situation. Even in the best of situations a 15-passenger van is one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. When you double up, it’;s doubly dangerous.  And one of the drivers only had a learner’;s permit. Another has a criminal record.

The director of the center said they were just waiting for more vans that were out getting gas. And police found more vehicles eventually showed up.

Look for the license to the day care center to be revoked by the Department of Children and Families.

The facility on Soutel Drive in Northwest Jacksonville has been inspected as well where they found an unstable crib, exposed wall sockets and bugs.  The agency says it doesn’;t believe kids are safe in that facility.   It has 21 days to appeal. 

Under Florida law you are required to have a constant and continuous duty to watch over and supervise children too young to be responsible for themselves.

That includes wearing a seatbelt and failure to buckle up children is a violation of Florida law.

Check out Frequently asked Questions to find out your rights and responsibilities concerning your children in an automobile or van.  

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