Couple Arrested for Hosting Teen House Parties, Increasing Risk of DUI Car Accidents

Posted on July 23, 2010

You would think with all of the news lately about parents who host beer parties for teens, only to be criminally charged, that parents would grow up. Apparently not.

According to a MSNBC article, a Fleming Island couple has been arrested and is facing two misdemeanor charges of hosting an open house party and serving alcohol to minors. Steven and Janelle Snyder were arrested by agents with the Florida Division of Alcoholic, Beverages, and Tobacco. The party allegedly was held in early June and Ms. Snyder posted pictures on her Facebook page. The Snyders have a teenage son and law enforcement says his friends were invited over to the couple’s home for a graduation party. The Snyders even appeared in the photos.

You may recall Diane Santarelli was charged earlier this year with hosting a number of house parties for underage drinkers and even joining in the party. She faced two manslaughter charges for the deaths of a young teen couple who perished in a Florida drunk driving car accident and fire after one of the parties. But Santarelli, of St. Augustine, was not convicted because the law does not extent to manslaughter charges. Instead of manslaughter, Santarelli was found guilty of having open house parties and contributing to the delinquency of minors. Both of those charges are misdemeanors.

Many parents assume their children will drink outside of the home and they would rather keep them off the roads. But allowing minors to drink is against the law and some parents have found themselves the target of civil lawsuits for the death or injury of minors who have been drinking at the host’s party. A FL wrongful death lawsuit is enough of a deterrent for most parents to follow the law.

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