Complexities of Truck and Train Accidents

Head-on train and train collision on rail tracks

Posted on February 17, 2021

It’s been proven that people who retain an injury lawyer receive significantly higher compensation than those who try to handle these claims on their own. This can be especially true in more complex cases as they pose additional challenges that Farah and Farah’s skilled team knows how to navigate to maximize the value of a client’s personal injury case.


More complex cases can include crashes with tractor-trailers and accidents involving freight and passenger trains resulting in injuries. Tractor-trailer and train crashes can be especially challenging for individuals without lawyers because the giant train or truck corporations have a team of lawyers who have likely already been dispatched to the scene of the accident before anybody is even able to call 911. These corporations are attempting to do one thing from the moment the collision occurs: try to keep the injured person from being able to recover from any potential personal injury case. The skilled personal injury lawyers at Farah and Farah have the expertise and the knowledge to navigate these complex tractor-trailer and train cases in order to uncover crucial information so their client can seek a full and fair settlement. For example, our team of injury lawyers can work with our accident reconstruction experts to obtain crash data to review driver work logs that may uncover a drowsy overworked tractor-trailer driver or train engineer who was speeding just before the crash.


The moment a client retains us in one of these complex truck or train accident cases, the client only needs to focus on getting better. We immediately start investigating and building our case against the at-fault party. When a client hires Farah and Farah, they are leveling the playing field against these large corporations. These companies know when Farah and Farah has the case that we are going to do everything we can for our client including uncovering all of the evidence and having the ability able to take the case all the way to trial, if necessary. This reputation results in bigger settlements and better results for our clients in these complex and challenging cases.


Farah and Farah also handles cases for railroad employees who are injured while working. These cases can be especially challenging because injured railroad employees cannot obtain worker’s compensation benefits and instead are required to obtain compensation through the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (also known as the FELA). Employees of freight train companies such as CSX, Norfolk Southern, or Florida East Coast Railway and employees of passenger train companies such as AMTRAK are required to go through this federal statute that is specifically tailored for railroaders injured on the job. This law was enacted over 100 years ago due to the alarming amount of injuries and deaths associated with work on the railroad. Our team of injury lawyers can utilize this law and their grasp of the inner-workings of freight and passenger trains to obtain compensation for employees who are injured on the job.  Our attorneys have obtained millions in settlements for injured railroad employees.


If you’ve been injured as a result of a negligent tractor-trailer or a negligent passenger of a freight train company, Farah and Farah has the attorneys that are uniquely skilled to fight these large corporations to fight for the compensation their clients deserve.

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