Car and Bus Collide on I-95 In St. Johns County

Posted on March 6, 2008

It took fire-rescue and the FHP hours to get a tour bus and a car apart after an accident on Interstate 95 in Florida just south of International Golf Parkway in St. Augustine.

Four people in the car ended up at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine.  The 60 occupants on the tour bus were okay, though shaken up.  Southbound traffic was held up as one lane was closed backing up motorists for miles. 

Firemen had to cut through the bus door to let relieved passengers out.   They were then taken to the exit on state road 16 to be loaded onto an alternate bus so they could go on their way. 

Still no word on what would cause a car to tangle with a bus.  Not a good choice and clearly the car lost that one.

Thankfully there were no serious injuries or fatalities.   

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