Brazen Shooting in Mid-Day Kills SUV Driver

Posted on July 5, 2008

It happened Friday afternoon, July 4th at noon. 

A heavily-traveled Jacksonville intersection was the scene of gunfire.

One man, the driver of an SUV, was shot to death by another man who approached his car.   This all happened at San Juan Avenue and Cassat Avenue on the Westside of Jacksonville.

“It’;s very brazen,” said Sgt. Shawn Coarsey of the Jacksonville Sheriff’;s Office homicide division. “It’;s a very busy intersection. A lot of people could have been hurt.”

The driver, Brian Givens, 35, was stopped at a traffic light when someone, at this point unidentified, got out of a white vehicle and opened fire on Givens with a handgun.  Givens might have known what was coming because he had the forethought to push his brother down in the passenger seat. The brother was not shot, but was injured by flying glass.

Givens then drove the vehicle about a mile before pulling into a fire station. He was pronounced dead a short while later at Shands Hospital. 

Reaction to this story on asks for more police officers to be put in the street. Another person writes  that Givens was the father of two children with another on the way.  

There is no known motive for the shooting at this time. Police are asking for your help by calling Crimestoppers with any information. Call 1-866-845-TIPS and help make our streets safer. 

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