Auto Slides Under Big Rig On I-95 in Florida

Posted on March 28, 2008

The driver of a semi truck had no idea what had just driven under the rear of his big rig.

A portion of Interstate-95 in St. Johns County, Floria was temporarily shut down early Friday morning after a car became lodged underneath a semitrailer.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, 41-year-old Robert Barker, of Port St. Lucie, rear-ended a semitrailer and continued driving his Honda until it lodged under the truck’;s trailer. 

Officials said the driver of the semi continued to travel south for about a quarter of a mile before realizing the situation and pulling over.

The center and right lane of I-95 southbound were shut down for about an hour as Fire Rescue personnel worked to free Barker.

Barker was flown by air ambulance Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center where he being treated for critical injuries.

Sharing the road with a tractor trailer can often spell disaster for passengers in vehicles.  Some carry a gross weight of 80 thousand pounds compared to your car’;s weight of 3 to 4 thousand pounds.

If you are involved in a full speed crash with a semi-truck, it is equivalent to colliding with 20 cars — all at the same time. This is very serious and can have catastrophic consequences

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