Atlantic Blvd. Road Race Kills One

Posted on March 9, 2008

There is nothing more frightening that thinking that a drunk person may be behind the wheel of the car next to you.

Sunday afternoon, with a pickup truck speeding east on Atlantic Blvd. plenty of motorists must have been frightened when the truck’;s driver then lost control of the vehicle, it flew into the air and landed on top of another car. 

Police investigating the scene say they retrieved a whiskey bottle from the truck.

The pickup truck driver and his passenger had to be retrieved from the cab by Jacksonville Fire and Rescue using the Jaws of Life.

The passenger died and the driver sustained serious injuries.

The poor women whose car was was crushed, had to crawl out and wandered to a nearby house looking for help. A man in the house says she seemed disoriented. Luckily she sustained minor injuries.

Charges will likely be filed in this case involving alcohol and automobiles — a fatal combination. 

Careless and aggressive driving is an unfortunate reality in our daily lives, and auto accidents have become a regular occurrence on our highways and streets.

The lawyers at Farah & Farah are very experienced in taking care of you and your case if you have been the victim of a drunk driver.

Call our Jacksonville offices or visit our website for more information on your rights. 

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