At-Fault Drivers in Florida Motorcycle Accidents May Face Criminal Charges Under Senate Bill 608

Posted on March 14, 2011

Victims of a motorcycle crash in Florida may be able to hold the at-fault party criminally responsible for the resulting injuries or death under a bill introduced into the Florida Legislature. Under Senate Bill 608, passed by a Florida Senate committee on Wednesday, March 9, the person who causes a motorcycle accident could face criminal charges in additional to civil charges, reports WCTV.

Tina McElhenny’s son Kris and Mike Sellers son, Steven were both killed in motorcycle accidents. Both parents tell WCTV that the at-fault drivers were never charged in those fatal accidents and they support Senate Bill 608.

Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics
Data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle shows that over the past five years, 2,357 motorcyclists have died on Florida roads. A failure to yield and careless driving often cause an auto accident with a motorcycle. And it is frequently the fault of the motorist who simply doesn’t see the motorcycle until it’s too late.

Legislature watchers say that while lawmakers file thousands of bills each year, only about 10 percent make it through committees and are eventually signed into law by the governor. Without a strong lobby, for example, a ban against cell phone use or texting while driving has failed to pass in Florida over the past four years. This will be a bill to watch to see if the emotional pull pushes it to become law.

In the meantime, if the driver of a vehicle or motorcycle is at-fault and causes another person to suffer injuries or death, they could be held civilly liable for the injuries and deaths. That is what the experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorneys of Farah & Farah can do for the accident victim or surviving family members. We can help you seek compensation to cover a wrongful death, or in the case of an injury, the medical expenses, cost of hospitalization, surgeries, and rehabilitation for the accident victim. Contact our offices immediately following the crash so we can help preserve the evidence that will point to the at-fault party.

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