Acer Computer Complaints and Potential Burn Hazard

Posted on April 9, 2010

Acer Computers are getting more than their fair share of complaints over the Internet. We reported here about the bloatware that a new computer comes loaded with. Bloatware is software pre-loaded onto your new computer that is basically an advertisement for a virus software or backup program. Advertisers pay for the ads, they pop up on your computer occasionally and slow town the start up and shutdown times of your computer as well as generally slows its response and reduce battery life. Now Consumer Affairs have a whole litany of complaints from consumers about the Acer. One woman says Wal-Mart and Acer refuse to fix the problem.

Another says her new Acer Netbook has a cracked LCD screen, and the company wants to charge her $125 even though it has a factory warranty. Another Acer Aspire 3050 has been in six times for repairs. Even a computer sales consultant says he does not recommend Acer to anyone largely y because of their poor customer service.

In January, the company recalled some models of the Aspire Notebook computers. 22,000 were recalled after it was determined that an internal microphone wire can short circuit and posed a potential burn injury hazard to consumers.

On the bloatware problem, there is software that can walk you through removing the bloatware and some computer companies actually offer an option. You can purchase a custom configuration that removes bloatware on your new computer, but of course for that you pay more, or you can simply take the machine in and have the bloatware removed, again substantially raising the price of a low cost computer and fooling consumers in the process.

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