Terrence Williams

Attorney Albany, GA

Terrence Williams is a personal injury attorney at the Farah and Farah Albany office. Terrence’s ability to come alongside and help people in their time of need is virtually unmatched. Guiding clients from a point of distress and helping them resolve their cases favorably is something that Terrence does exceptionally well. He sees this as his strongest asset and really works to help people get the resolution to their issues and leave the stress involved with that to him.

Clients Are the Most Important Part of the Equation

As a personal injury attorney, I have to be fully devoted to my clients. My mission is to step in and speak for my clients, and to help them rebuild their lives after a crisis that came at no fault of their own. I’d say my greatest strengths are my ability to empathize with people and to truly listen to their concerns. From there, I build a case that will help them get the justice they deserve. Earning my undergraduate degree in communications and then achieving the highest grade in mass media law during law school, I built a foundation on effective communication. Whether that’s directly to the client or when I’m in court explaining everything they deserve for their case, good communication is absolutely critical as an attorney.


Family values resonate at Farah and Farah. Like a family, we pride ourselves on open access and communication between lawyers and staff. There are no middlemen or hierarchy. It’s a large firm, but very close-knit. This level of communication within the firm and dedication to clients help us resolve cases for victims in Albany and surrounding areas in Georgia.


Being an Attorney That Cares Takes More Than a 9 to 5 Life

A normal work day for me begins early and ends when the work gets done, not necessarily according to the clock. I believe that my clients deserve all of my attention, so I make communicating regularly with them a priority. This means juggling my family life and career to keep a good balance between the two. Clients need to know that Terrence Williams will do what it takes to resolve their case, no matter what time of day it is. That’s just who I am.


Doing What’s Right By Victims in Georgia

When clients contact me in the Albany office, I want them to feel peace of mind knowing they will have the personal attention they deserve from a small office with the resources of our entire firm working on their case. Farah and Farah clients get the benefit of having the best experts in the business, but at the same time, they can expect that I will get to know them personally. I’ve heard clients say that with another firm, they only met their attorney once. I never want to be like that.


I’m dedicated to winning the compensation that victims deserve and giving them the personal attention that’s needed during a crisis. 


When I’m not in the Farah and Farah office in Albany, you can probably find me watching, coaching, or otherwise being involved in some way with basketball. College hoops are my favorite to watch with my two girls while we cheer on my alma mater, the Florida State Seminoles. 

“From the very first meeting with Terrence, I could tell that he was a man of integrity. He saw his work as important because it helped people in need. His presence is an asset to our firm both in the courtroom and in the community. He’s a devoted family-man and a genuine contributor to the neighborhood working with youth basketball leagues as a volunteer. Terrence is the total package that Farah and Farah seeks in its attorneys.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

Let’s Talk About Your Case:

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  • Florida State University College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Arts, Communications