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Laura Garcia-Triana is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney based in the Farah and Farah office off Adams Street downtown. Laura serves as a bilingual Spanish-speaking accident attorney, primarily handling auto accident and slip and fall cases. Working her way up from law clerk all the way to practicing attorney, Laura knows every detail of getting the job done. She’s also seen a lot more than most in her time practicing law.

If experience breeds confidence, Laura sets the bar high. Her time as in-house counsel at Fidelity helped shape her skills in negotiating and settling claims, while years in immigration law molded an empathetic and compassionate counselor. An impressive list of credentials all boils down to the simple fact that, if you’re injured, Laura Garcia-Triana is the experienced attorney you want leading your team.

Making Tangible Differences in People’s Lives

What really excites me about getting to be an attorney in Jacksonville is the environment I work in. At Farah and Farah, I get to bring all of my experience to bear and be creative in how I approach a case. Being a personal injury attorney, you’re helping people who have been injured in an accident through no fault of their own. From the beginning, I’m with my client every step of the way on the road to recovery. 

Personal injury is just that – personal – and I get to see how my clients are doing along the way and help them get from one step to another. Collaborating with your client means you get to find a solution that works best for them. To be a good attorney, you really need empathy and understanding and that takes being a human being first. Keeping your client in the loop and communication lines open shows them they’re always prioritized. 

In the end, having your client happy, healthy, and compensated is the trifecta in legitimately making a difference in an individual’s life. Getting to see that every day is powerful.

Prioritizing Daily Needs Keeps Me Organized

I said it before, but the true advantage of working at Farah and Farah is the atmosphere. It is a warm and welcoming environment throughout the organization. Besides attorneys, there is a whole army of crucial legal support staff helping move cases along as efficiently as possible. Paralegals, case managers, medical records specialists, investigators, and more are all constantly collaborating to get the best results possible for the client. 

Coming from that support base, I’m like a maestro with a full orchestra at my disposal. When I come in each day, I can prioritize what needs to be done (and when) to help us get across the finish line. I’d ask anyone, “do you feel fulfilled at the end of your work day?” At Farah and Farah, the entire organization is truly all in, all the time for our clients. That leaves me feeling quite fulfilled indeed.

Proud to Be a Cuban-American

I’m from Cuba, which you may not know is a third-world country. Living there and coming here when I was younger was a shocking transition. America is the land of dreams. I’m living proof of that. My experience coming here definitely influenced my work in immigration law early in my career. I would prepare these complex immigration packages for the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service for all kinds of different situations—naturalizations, status adjustments, employment authorizations—but the most heart-wrenching cases were the asylum requests. 

These immigrants were coming to America from some truly awful situations. In some cases, their lives were very much at risk within their own countries. In one case I’ll never forget, a woman and her daughter were coming from Mexico and fleeing gang violence. Every immigrant is supposed to go through a specific process with authorities, but that doesn’t always happen. 

The woman and her daughter weren’t permitted a phone call, didn’t see time in front of a judge, and somehow were placed on a plane back to Mexico the next day. Even though we could show that it was dire circumstances for this pair if they returned, they still fell through the cracks. The case was emotionally so taxing to me. 

I want to protect the defenseless and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. As an attorney, I fight to do that every single day I’m here.  

Spare Time Means Food, Football, and Serving

To be an effective attorney, you also have to prioritize downtime. I love being outside,  planting, and gardening, although keeping the Florida bugs and weeds away is definitely a challenge! 

I am also big on serving my community and volunteering to help the homeless. No matter where I’ve been, there is always such a huge need for this population. It’s amazing to work for an organization that prioritizes community action as much as I do. 

If it’s football season, I’ll be rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, preferably somewhere with some really good chicken wings. True to my Cuban roots, I’m a huge foodie and love trying all the different hidden gems around the city.

“Laura Garcia-Triana is one fierce advocate. She has an amazing breadth and depth of experience along with many fantastic outcomes to her credit. I’m convinced her effectiveness as an attorney is due to the fact that she places the client as her top priority each and every day she walks through our doors.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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