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LaToya Fields is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville. A true leader is her community, LaToya uses her strengths as an attorney to make life better for accident victims. LaToya’s down-to-earth demeanor helps build trust with clients so that, working together, she can help her client’s case move forward towards maximum compensation. Working as a youth mentor for the next generation of leaders in Jacksonville, LaToya’s servant heart makes her instantly relatable to clients of all walks of life. This ability to connect with people where they’re coming from helps provide a clear and supportive path for justice for any and all in need.

How I Build the Best Case Possible

With accident cases, I’ve worked on both the litigation side, where cases go to court, and also in pre-litigation where cases start and the majority are settled. Having worked on both sides gives me the total experience needed to know how to take a case from start to finish most effectively. At Farah and Farah, I work in pre-litigation where I get to build up the best case possible from the very beginning of the process. When I meet with my clients, they are hands-down going through one of the toughest experiences of their lives. I have a heart for people in trouble and I enjoy helping people. As an attorney, I’m able to do that every day in a very tangible way for my clients. 


People’s lives are altered quickly and then they often face a legal battle to get what they deserve. When I fight that battle for my client and come out the other side with a victory, my clients are undoubtedly happy. From that first client intake call to handing them their final settlement check, it’s that transformation from despair to happiness that tells me I fought as hard as I could.


Being a Tough Negotiator is Something I Do Everyday

When I speak to my clients, I am conscious about being patient, kind, empathetic, and having a listening-first attitude. If I’m not in that mindset, I take a minute to get things in perspective before giving my client all of my attention. Something I’m really good at is turning right around after having a really positive conversation with my client and getting right to work negotiating with adjusters. While I’m always professional, I know I am fighting for what my clients deserve to be made whole again. That makes it easy for me to stand up and go toe-to-toe with even the biggest insurance companies to seek the maximum compensation available for your case. 


While no two days are exactly the same, I do have a game plan each day for making sure my cases are progressing at a steady pace. When we start negotiations, I’m often writing a demand letter which lays out everything we’re asking for and why. Even though there’s a good amount of information required, I try to do at least one demand letter every day to keep the wheels turning towards a great resolution for my clients. 


Another Firm Told You Your Case Was Worthless? Call Me

I had one case that I’ll always remember because from the beginning, my client was told that their case wasn’t worth anything and they should just drop it. They were in line at an automated car wash when their vehicle was hit. Even though they were injured in the crash, the evidence didn’t look very promising. Call it having grit or just being bull-headed, but I knew my client’s case deserved to be looked into and handled to the best of my abilities. So I went to work putting all of the pieces together and uncovering the responsible parties. 


In the end, this client who was told they had no case was able to walk away with $35,000 simply because they trusted me to do my job well. I will always honor that trust no matter who you are or what you’ve gone through. If another law firm tells you that you have no case, call me before you give up. I’ll always walk you through what options are available and give you the attention your case deserves. 


I Call Jacksonville “Home”, Too

My husband and I moved back to Jacksonville after law school because this is where we wanted to raise our family. We love this community and the people here so getting to do a job that lets you help so many is truly gratifying. Giving back in the community we love is only natural for us so you’ll often find us volunteering at places like the Hubbard House for Women or with various youth mentoring programs. I’m proud to call Jacksonville my home and could not imagine a better place to raise my growing family. 


When I’m not volunteering or working on a case in the Downtown Jacksonville office, you can probably find me and my husband enjoying the many shops and restaurants around Riverside. If it’s basketball season, you can bet we’ll be catching Lebron and the Lakers in action at one of the many great venues we have around town.


“LaToya Fields is someone you will instantly connect with. She is a tough, non-nonsense advocate for her clients while also being the support system clients need throughout the process. Her experience as a pre-suit and litigating attorney give her a tremendous advantage in total case management. The resulting high success rate and long list of happy clients are the best testaments to her skills as a counselor.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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