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Jeremy Kespohl is a breach of warranty and lemon law attorney at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville. These types of cases deal with defective products and/or when manufacturers who refuse to abide by the terms of their own product warranty. Jeremy has many years of trial and appeal experience representing both large manufacturers and now the plaintiff’s side with consumers which gives him an edge in crafting the best legal strategies to move these cases forward.

Know Your Rights When You Have a Defective Product

The area of law that I practice is one in which a lot of people don’t realize they have rights. When you purchase a product from a store and it doesn’t work, many just cut their losses and move on, not knowing they have rights under the law to hold makers of defective products accountable. This can keep you from having to pay out of pocket. 


The Federal government has legislation in place that allows consumers to pursue these types of claims without the risk of having to pay attorney fees and costs. Before this, you saw manufacturers strong-arming the consumer with worthless warranties. So whenever you have a product that doesn’t work or the manufacturer isn’t helping you through the warranty process, call me and let’s talk about your options. There is almost always a remedy worth pursuing to get you made whole again.


Representing Big Manufacturers Early On, I Know How To Beat Them Now

As a breach of warranty and lemon law attorney, I spent most of my early days working in defense work for the big manufacturers. My experience helped me gain a lot of trial and appeal experience so I really became accustomed to the nuances of these types of cases. Eventually though I would find myself being called to the plaintiff’s side representing the consumer. I ran an entire division at one of the largest personal injury law firms in the U.S. prior to coming to Farah and Farah. I can say my experience here is quite unique. I have all the support I could ever wish for from the top down and I’m surrounded by some of the best legal professionals in the industry, and yet this firm still feels like a family. Feeling like I’m a part of something like the close knit family culture that permeates Farah and Farah means more of day-to-day energy gets directed towards bettering my client’s position in their case.


I’ve Taken Cases All the Way to the State Supreme Court

In a case I’ll never forget, I fought for my client’s case all the way to the Florida Supreme Court. Even after everything we put in, we did not prevail for our clients but this experience has stayed with me throughout my career. Every jury trial I’ve ever been a part of and won feels like the very first to me. Winning for my client means they no longer have to deal with an issue that’s been in their life far too long. My experience in the courts means my clients get their day in court and the justice they seek. 


Another case that will always stick out to me was with a pregnant woman who purchased what she thought was a safe bet with a certified pre-owned vehicle. However, she was plagued from the get-go with repeated breakdowns. The manufacturer stone-walled her warranty claims and offered nothing. In the end, I was able to get her more than $18,000 to replace her vehicle. For many, including my client here, purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases of their lives. 


I’m Here in Jacksonville, But I Handle Cases Across the State

Even though I’m headquartered in the Farah and Farah office in downtown Jacksonville because this legal practice area is so specialized, my team and I handle cases from across the state. If I’m not in the office and it’s football season, you can bet I’ll be watching either the Jacksonville Jaguars or Florida Gators in action with my two kids. We also love hanging out at the beach or just grabbing a local staple like Dick’s Wings together as a family.


“Jeremy Kespohl is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to breach of warranty and lemon law cases in Florida. His depth of experience is virtually unmatched in the entire state and you get to watch it all come together every time he enters the courtroom for his clients. His success rate is so high because he knows exactly what to do and how to anticipate actions throughout the case to get the best outcome possible.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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  • Florida State University College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida State University, Masters in Sports Administration
  • University of North Florida, Bachelors of Science, Communication