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Britt Beecher Savannah GA

Britt Beecher is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah based in their Savannah law firm location. As a personal injury attorney, Britt mainly handles auto accidents and slip and fall cases. Britt uses his vast experience in insurance claims to get every penny his clients deserve for their case. In fact, Britt spent several years representing the employers, big corporations, and insurance companies in defense of their own personal injury claims.

The years Britt spent working closely with insurance companies provided him with valuable experience and insight into how the defense works through all phases of personal injury litigation. He now uses that experience to help injured accident victims get the compensation and justice they deserve.

Let Me Show You What Client-Centered and Service-Driven Feels Like

When I started at Farah and Farah, one of the first things that stood out to me was the amount of resources I have at my disposal. I came from a huge defense firm in Atlanta where there wasn’t as much of a team effort and requests for resources were slowed down by bureaucracy. Here, it’s just not like that. I’m surrounded by the sharpest legal minds around to bounce ideas off of and am free to decide what resources to utilize in order to get the best result possible. Even though Savannah is a satellite office, we still feel very much a part of the Farah and Farah team because we are so well-connected and get such great support across the organization. When you work in a great place full of great people, I believe your work is that much better. 

You do very much have a duty and a responsibility when a client trusts you with their case. They are counting on you to sort everything out after the accident and as an attorney you need to take care of folks. Helping so many different people from so many different walks of life really impresses the importance of what you’re doing. When you get to the end and a client gets everything they deserve, the gratitude that people show you is what makes personal injury cases so worth it to me.

I Used to Represent Insurance Companies; Now I Fight Them in Court

Being an in-house attorney at an insurance company, I really got an up close and personal view into how the organization works. I saw how different personal injury files were valued, where reserves for settlements were earmarked, and completed thousands of case reports for adjusters until I really learned what they look for and what’s important in each case. You learn how to write things up just the way the organization wants and the criteria for each milestone. 

As you might expect, I gained a lot of practical experience. I know how to talk to adjusters and, as the in-house attorney, was almost like a supervisor to them. I had seven jury trials during my time with the insurance company and was in charge of managing every aspect of each case. I took all of this experience with me when I came to Farah and Farah. I’m still dealing with adjusters and since I know exactly what their process looks like, I can make sure the case is always progressing towards the resolution we’re seeking. 

Working Across Practices Areas Has Made Me a Sharper Attorney

Something that is a bit rare in the firm but something I did for years was practice both personal injury and workers’ compensation simultaneously. I started as a law clerk at a firm in Macon where I did complaints and discoveries on the personal injury side and board filings and medical narratives on the workers’ compensation side. My first real job out of law school was with a workers’ compensation defense firm where we defended big corporations against lawsuits. 

When I eventually ended up as an in-house attorney for one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., I worked exclusively on personal injury defense cases. Workers’ compensation and personal injury may be two different practice areas but there’s a lot of similarities between the two. I now work solely in personal injury but my experience in both is what opened the door for me to come to Farah and Farah and apply everything I’ve learned. 

So whether you were injured in an accident driving down Abercorn or had a slip and fall as a result of negligence at a local business, I can take your case all the way to the Chatham County Courthouse if that’s what it takes.

Savannah, Georgia Is My Home Too

I love the Savannah area, I love the people, and I love getting to actually do some good in my community. I live with my wonderful wife and daughter on the Isle of Hope and if it’s the weekend, you can bet we’ll be out on the river fishing, hitting waterfront eateries, or just hanging around. I’m a huge Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves fan, so there’s a good chance you’ll find me catching their games whenever they play. I think downtime is important because it gives me a chance to recharge my batteries to be that much more productive when I get back to the office.

“Britt Beecher is one of the most well-equipped attorneys we have in the firm. His time with defense firms and actually working as an in-house counsel gives him invaluable insight into how the other side approaches a case. The huge client victories Britt continues to win is a testament to just how good he is at what he does.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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