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Affan Ali is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Gainesville. Affan’s strength is his ability to communicate, not just talking at his clients but really talking with them. His priorities in any case start with communication. He listens, he does his research and then formulates a plan and communicates clearly to the client what is needed to help them. It is clear that he cares about people and meeting their needs especially during a crisis such as an auto accident or slip and fall where they have suffered injuries.

Our Family-Owned Vibe Trickles Down Into Every Office

It was the team approach at Farah and Farah that caught my attention and made me want to align myself with the firm and specifically, the Gainesville office. Everyone has an open door policy and this translates into accessibility even though Farah and Farah is a regional firm. The family values and cohesiveness that kind of mindset brings are very important and allow us to effectively work toward the best outcome for our clients, time and time again.


Each office can draw on the strength of the whole firm to benefit the client. We feel that closeness within the office as if we are all pulling in the same direction and that is encouraged from the top down. Eddie and Chuck Farah are as accessible to me as my own paralegal.


Doing the Work to Seek Maximum Compensation

I see people who are hurting through no fault of their own, maybe from a distracted driver who ran the stop sign or a negligent business owner who didn’t provide a safe environment for their customers. My clients come to me at one of the most stressful times in their lives, seeking answers and they deserve compensation for their losses and medical bills. I work hard to uncover the whole story and research what is due to them to get justice in these situations. I am their advocate when they need one the most. 


It is not enough to just win a case unless I know I have been able to restore people’s lives to some semblance of normalcy. Accident victims may never fully recover from their injuries, but they shouldn’t be forced to suffer financially as well. In one memorable case, my client was a young girl who had her baby in the car when they were t-boned by a work truck. After weeks of hospitalizations, the young mother and baby would thankfully recover. Getting a great settlement for this case meant ensuring my client’s present needs were met, as well as, making sure any future medical bills and other expenses were well provided for. 


Any athlete in professional sports can tell you you’re never the same after an injury and that’s just on the field of play. When a vehicle weighing more than a ton crashes into you, those injuries can be devastating and completely life-altering. Our firm takes into account all the costs—financial, emotional, and human costs—in order to seek maximum compensation that most adequately provides for all of our clients’ needs.


Your Local Gainesville Accident Attorney

It is important that I am familiar with the Gainesville area and surrounding communities. I live here and want to see my community be a safe place for my own family as well as others. Being located in Gainesville allows me to be more available to clients and understand the specifics of their particular situation. I am working to win their case and I am also working to make our community a better place for all to enjoy. Negligence that causes injury to someone cannot be overlooked and doing so without any consequences affects our entire community. That’s why I work hard to make a difference in the Gainesville area.


When I’m not busy working on a case in the Farah and Farah Gainesville office, I love spending time with my family enjoying some of the area’s finest parks and recreational facilities. This area of the state has so many beautiful spots to enjoy like Paynes Prairie or Depot Park. We are blessed with some great spots around Alachua to kick back and relax.


“Affan Ali is a great family man and I appreciate that about him. His solid family values are a positive influence for his work. He emphasizes the needs of the individual for each case he tackles and works hard to see that these individuals are compensated for their injuries. He really sees this as a mission, not just a job, and at Farah and Farah we value that.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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