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It can be frustrating and stressful to feel overworked and underpaid. It is important for workers to understand their rights so that they know when they are being mistreated or shortchanged. Some wage and hour disputes could result from misunderstandings, but many are the direct result of employers trying to cut corners and avoid paying their employees what they are due. It is important that workers understand their rights, especially if they are in a situation where their employer is shortchanging them on wages.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage set forth by the Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA) is currently $7.25. This means that employers must pay their employees at least $7.25 per hour before taxes. If you are in the service industry, however, you may notice that your hourly rate falls short of the state and federal minimum wage. Tipped employees are expected to earn at least the minimum wage after factoring in tips from customers. Many tipped employees, however, do not make minimum wage when business is slow or when they have to share their tips with other employees. In general, it is legal to pay tipped employees below the minimum wage, but it is a violation of the law to require tipped employees to share tips with employees that are already at or above the minimum wage.

Hours Worked Outside the Workplace

There are laws in place to ensure that employees are given overtime pay when they work over 40 hours a week. Many employers know how to get the most out of their employees and are aware of how to bend the rules to save money. You may want to verify your rights if:

  • Your employer often asks you to stay after hours without pay
  • Your boss regularly asks you to hang around after you have clocked out
  • You are expected to come in early when working on special projects but are not allowed to clock in until your regular hours begin
  • You are not given your scheduled meal breaks

All work-related labor should be compensated, and employers who regularly take advantage of their workers should be reported.

Exemptions to the Rules

Employment law is complex, and there are a number of loopholes and exemptions that affect employees across the country. Many wage and hour disputes result from a simple misunderstanding of the law. For example, some managerial positions are exempt from overtime pay. Therefore, employers sometimes promote workers to avoid paying them time and half without giving them the responsibilities that typically come with being a manager. Only managers who are given actual responsibilities are exempt from overtime pay.

Jacksonville Wage and Hour Attorneys Helping You Understand Your Rights

It is important that all workers clearly understand their legal rights in the workplace. There are even whistleblower laws in place to protect workers who have been mistreated and wish to report their concerns. Furthermore, if your employer regularly violates the rights of a number of employees, your actions can have a positive impact on a significant number of workers and their families.

To learn more about your rights as an employee, contact a Jacksonville wage and hour lawyer at Farah & Farah at 904-263-4610 to schedule a free and confidential consultation. You may be entitled to pursue legal recourse for mistreatment by an employer by filing a claim or lawsuit.

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